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About Monica Brown

Her music is sung all over the world by people of all ages in schools and parishes, in family homes and religious communities, in hospitals and prisons and places of gathering and celebration. Monica's songs are touching the hearts of so many in the ordinary and far from ordinary moments of life. Her music is used to celebrate, to comfort, to heal and to give expression to the Sacred in people's lives.

So who is this woman whose songs are feeding the spiritual hunger in so many?

Monica Brown, composer, teacher,  facilitator, story teller and community animator. But none of these roles really tell us about her or about  the passion in her life for God and  her unique ability in enabling people to come into an experience of God, whatever their circumstances may be. Her workshops, retreats, faith celebrations and concerts leave people wanting more of the God she somehow manages to make real and tangible through her songs and creatively integrated presentations. By maintaining an empowering link to the Christ of Scriptures, Monica has pioneered a creative approach to spirituality, bringing on board mime, story, ritual and imagery, to embody the Jesus that truly liberates.
One of Australia's most highly respected Christian composers and workshop facilitators, Monica is a teacher with additional studies in spirituality, pastoral guidance, liturgy  and creative arts. She has been awarded a Masters Honours Degree in Education from the Australian Catholic University, having completed her thesis on spiritual development and the integration of creative process. Her expertise is in religious education, worship and ritual, and scripture story telling through the integration of creative process. Her highly acclaimed book, ‘Embodying The God We Proclaim - Ministering as Jesus Did'  reflects something of the depth of spiritual insight that typifies Monica’s ministry.
Monica has composed and recorded 16 collections of songs for children, youth and adults (including the universally appealing "One People One Land") and has written and produced videos and other resources in the area of faith formation, liturgy and ritual
Monica is the founding director of Emmaus Productions and is also the creator and editor of Emmaus Productions liturgy websites www.liturgyritualprayer.com and  www.liturgyplanningimages.com  which provide  images, creative rituals, liturgies and meditations  for schools, parishes and communities.

But above all  Monica is a woman who has allowed her heart to be made sensitive and alive to God in all the arts, in culture and in prayer and scripture.  She has a special ability of enabling people to get in touch with a sense of God and the sacred in their lives.

Monica's Reflection

Read Monica's personal reflections.